T1 PU 4000 (oilbased) 10kg/pail
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RM 290.00
10.000 KG
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Product Description

T1-PU 4000 (oilbased) 10kg/pail is single component, phthalate free, low viscosity, hydrophobic, polyurethane resin which is based on MDI (Methylene Diphenyl Isocyanate) polyurethane. It is designed to stop water infiltration and fill voids outside a structure or joint and cracks in concrete structures. It may also be used in applications with high pressure flowing water. The systems foams to 20-26 times its volume in the presence of water and can be an effective means of arresting running water seepage.

  • Fills joints or cracks in concrete structures that exhibit some movement
  • Fill voids such as rock fissures, crushed fault or gravel layers
  • Curtain wall grouting below grade structures
  • Replaces or repair failed existing liners
  • May be used in applications with high pressure water flow
  • Negative side application possible
  • low viscosity benefits penetration into hairline cracks
  • 100% solid & solvent free composition helps in shrinkage free grout
  • React with water, foam increases in volume to fill cavities and void
  • Excellent bond to all surface
  • Underwater injection approved

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